Public-Private Dialogues

Public-Private Dialogues

Virtual Meetings, September – November 2020

In keeping with the energy policy recommendations presented by the Americas Business Dialogue (ABD) to the ministers of energy and heads of delegation at the Fourth ECPA Ministerial held in Montego Bay, ECPA and ABD will convene a series of virtual public-private sector dialogues focused on grid flexibility, natural gas, and integration. The dialogues will draw from the three white papers on these topics prepared by the ABD for the Fourth ECPA Ministerial.

The public-private sector dialogues will also be consistent with the recommendations submitted by the ABD to the Heads of State at the Summit of the Americas held in Lima in April 2018 and the ABD recommendations to address COVID-19. Further, the proceedings will provide inputs to the next Summit of the Americas to convene in the United States in 2021.


Each of the three topics –grid flexibility, natural gas, and integration– will be the object of three 75-minute virtual dialogues to be conducted from September through November 2020. During each month, one topic will be developed, with one virtual meeting being held per week on the same day and time, to allow in-depth engagement while acknowledging the limitations of the virtual format.

Each session of the virtual dialogues will include a brief presentation by experts to frame the conversation, a presentation from ABD members about private sector views on the issue and a moderated conversation between companies and government officials. The focus shall be placed on concrete actions that government may adopt on each of the topics to advance the implementation of private sector recommendations.

As the engagement is expected to take place at the technical level, governments will be represented at the Secretary level or below, with submission of conclusions to be disseminated to Ministers and Vice-Ministers at the end of the process.

The virtual dialogues will address specific issues of regional relevance with regard to each topic.

September: New Regulatory Frameworks for Grid Flexibility

9/14 Implementation of policies and regulations for utility-scale sustainable energy projectsSign up for this event

9/21 Procurement & use of modern tools to model long-term sustainable power resource planning. Sign up for this event.

9/28  Analysis and technologies for resilient power systemsSign up for this event.

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