Mexico Convenes Second Ministerial Meeting of the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Since its inception in 2009, ECPA partners worked jointly to increase energy security and promote low-carbon economic and social growth and integration in the Americas. Several initiatives focusing on seven fundamental pillars were launched, making of this voluntary hemispheric cooperation mechanism a key platform for dialogue on energy and climate.

The preparatory process that took place in 2014 engaged the national focal points of almost every nation in the hemisphere to ECPA and revealed a marked interest in addressing greater energy sector sustainability and diversification. In this spirit, the upcoming ministerial will provide a space where governments will engage in dialogue conducive to enhance cooperation on energy and climate change. Technical discussions are scheduled for May 25, while the ECPA Ministerial session will take place on May 26. The ministers will agree on a new partnership Plan of Action and decision-making structure.

Following the ECPA conference, the Government of Mexico will host the Sixth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM6) on May 27 and 28. Both CEM and ECPA seek to encourage the development of clean energy policies and technologies amongst their members.