For a greener 2016

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ECPA wants to share some resolutions that will help you engage in greener actions for your family, your community and the planet. We invite you to put into practice these simple habits throughout the year, and why not, for longer?

Resolution # 1: Save Energy

Energy savings at home, school and office can start with a simple bulb change. Becoming aware of the unnecessary use of light, and make efforts to reduce it, will significantly contribute to saving a few watts. Change and increase the use of electrical items with the EnergyStar label at home and work can also make a big difference.

Resolution # 2: Save Water

The undeniable: We cannot live without water. So, why not make an effort to use this precious resource in the most efficient way possible? Preserving water saves energy and money. Take shorter showers and turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or soaping the dishes. Do you have any faucet or toilet leaking? Did you know that these leaks alone waste more than one trillion gallons of water a year? Avoid your money being drained by regularly checking your home faucets and toilets.

Resolution # 3: Use Safer Chemicals

The market currently offers less harming cleaning products to protect ourselves, our families and the environment. Products with the Safer Choice label have met strict EPA standards to ensure they are more ecological to better protect people, pets, workers’ health and the environment.

Resolution # 4: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Make an effort to reduce waste from the start. Why not use reusable containers at home, at school and the office? Cutting on disposable wraps reduces waste, saves money, and essentially protects the environment. Are you looking for additional ways to reduce waste? Do not use straws. When preparing lunch for your children to take to school or work, avoid using disposable bags and plastic wraps. Use reusable containers for food and drinks instead. You will prevent these bags to end up in municipal landfills, while saving some money. Another practice to put into practice for reducing the use of plastic bags is to bring reusable bags when you go shopping, especially for groceries. More and more stores now charge for plastic bags as a measure to cut back on their use. By the way, do not forget the other two Rs-reuse and recycle. For other tips on recycling (in English), visit

Resolution # 5: Be More Active

Oftentimes weight loss is one of those new year resolutions. With this goal in mind, why not aspire to be more active and have a healthier lifestyle? It can be much easier and less expensive than you think. How about if you just walked more and drive less? Take your dog on a long walk, for example. How about visiting a local park? When at work, use the stairs more often instead of the elevator, it can help you lose those extra pounds while contributing to energy savings. Remember getting up from your desk regularly to avoid long periods sitting and if possible, change your desk to work standing, and have a less sedentary life. Being more active at work, will make you healthier and will protect the environment as well.

What green resolutions do you plan to adopt in 2016?