ECPA Contributes to Energy-Efficiency Capacity-Building in the Caribbean

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

One of the Sustainable Energy Capacity Building Initiative (SECBI) components is to provide technical assistance for Caribbean island nations to receive capacity building support for energy project development. Through three tenders, this ECPA initiative aims to intensify energy-efficiency efforts in Belize, support legal and regulatory framework for renewable energy power generation in Trinidad & Tobago, and strengthen capacities for establishing a national sustainable resource management mechanism in Antigua and Barbuda.

Belize will receive support in implementing its National Sustainable Energy Strategy. In 2011 Belize developed its first National Energy Policy (NEP) Framework, which highlighted key issues for the energy sector in Belize including the need for greater energy efficiency, and renewable energy with a view to improving energy security and energy access. SECBI will contribute to Belize’s sustainable development goals by accelerating an enabling environment for investments in, and utilization of, energy efficient and renewable energy measures. In particular, SECBI will assist the Ministry of Energy, Science, and Technology and Public Utilities, in coordination with the Clean Energy Solutions Center, to develop energy efficiency policies and regulations that will improve the adoption and integration of energy efficient technologies into Belize’s energy sector. Activities include adapt Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for lighting, cooling, refrigeration and motors, and the development of a certification system for energy service providers, including financial mechanisms and capacity building for financial sustainable energy.

Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) faces similar challenges for effectively developing its renewable energy (RE) resources. Currently, a standard contract for renewable electricity generators does not exist. Therefore, assistance is being sought for the design of a toolkit for the development of renewable energy power purchase agreements and contracts. SECBI will provide technical advisory services to the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs, in coordination with the Clean Energy Solutions Center, including the development of model power purchase agreements for wind, solar PV, waste-to-energy and bioenergy.

The Environment Division in the Ministry of Health and the Environment in Antigua and Barbuda is aiming to advance capacity building support to implement and manage the Sustainable Island Resource Framework Fund (SIRF Fund). The Fund will attract investments in renewable energy, primarily solar and wind energy, sell the electricity to the Antigua Public Utility Authority (APUA), and the revenue will be re-invested into environmental management. SECBI will assist in building the capacity of the Environment Division and project partners – Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA), the Debt Management Unit in the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Development, Investment and Energy – to assess renewable energy technologies and associated policy implications, in coordination with the Clean Energy Solutions Center.