ECPA: A Partner of Partners

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

One of ECPA’s greatest achievements lies with its ability to build strategic partnerships with diverse institutions as a means to expand the Partnership’s reach. By joining forces with local, regional and international partners with common interests and objectives, ECPA was able to use its resources more effectively in promoting dialogue, knowledge sharing, and best practices in energy sustainability.

Since 2012, the TCU is working hand in hand with different organizations moved by a shared desire to find sustainable solutions to address energy needs, while sensibly using the region’s indigenous resources, and striving to achieve economic prosperity without compromising the right of future generation to meet their needs. Through its alliances with partners, ECPA was able to implement projects, revise policies, raise awareness, and educate citizens.

Taking advantage of the convening power of the OAS, ECPA is attracting key actors from different sectors in order to establish strategic partnerships for confronting the challenges posed by energy. These alliances have evolved into technical assistance on energy matters, stronger ties with the private sector, and enhanced institutional capacity to negotiate and deploy new renewable energy projects.

What the TCU ultimately seeks to achieve through the establishment of these partnerships, is a shared leadership in the implementation of energy initiatives and the exchange of experiences within the countries of the Americas in support of sustainable development goals. The TCU will continue to build stronger partnerships for promoting regional energy cooperation through different strategies and actions for achieving a cleaner, safer, efficient, modern and fair energy deployment.