Connect 2022 Addresses Life Changing Potential of Biofuels

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Did you know that living, organic matter such as waste derived from the production of coffee has the potential to generate power and contribute to fulfill the region’s energy needs? Coffee-growing businesses in Honduras are one of many rural sectors in need of affordable, reliable energy. Producers could use organic waste to generate part of that energy, thereby reducing production costs, cutting down on environmental pollution and curbing greenhouse gas emissions. ECPA has partnered with the Government of the United States and the Dutch-based non-profit development agency SNV to reuse the pulp and mucilage byproducts of coffee beans as biofuel in this area. The project also helps reduce negative effects of coffee production on the environment, contributing to organic waste management.

A video recently launched by the Connect 2022 initiative illustrates the life changing potential of biofuels for electrify generation in Latin America and the Caribbean, and the need for harnessing the use of this alternative energy source. To watch the video please visit: Learn how Connect 2022 is helping deploy this new renewable energy technology, and how it is positively affecting the lives of rural communities and the local environment.

Connect 2022 from ECPA on Vimeo.