Bolivia’s Center for Information on Renewable Energies Joins ECPA as Strategic Partner

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Meaningful access to reliable information is pivotal for sound decision-making. The Center for Information on Renewable Energies (CINER) based in Cochabamba, Bolivia, is joining ECPA to contribute to energy and climate information sharing and exchange.

The goal of CINER is to support natural resources conservation with a focus on the rational use of energy. CINER founded the Latin-American Association of Facilitators (ALFA) and is part of the Network of Documentation Centers for Energy in Latin America, promoted by the Latin American Organization of Energy (OLADE). The partnership between ECPA and CINER will drive greater knowledge on the challenges linked to energy and climate policy-making in the Americas. The ECPA Clearinghouse and CINER will develop means to share new knowledge via online policy repositories and information tools.