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Today is the World Energy Efficiency Day

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

With the aim of stimulating awareness for stopping climate change and creating sustainable societies, today, the 5th March, is celebrated as World Energy Efficiency Day.

Energy efficiency is seen as policies to stop climate change and achieving sustainable societies, along with the development of renewable energy and transport policy that are less aggressive with the environment.

This is not to compromise on quality of life, but to obtain the same energy goods and services by using fewer resources. This is achieved by improving processes, cogeneration, recycling, the use of cleaner and smarter consumption, ie, using only the energy that we really need.

For most of our actions in everyday life we ??use energy in different forms, the more electricity is used both for lighting and for heating and launching appliances and motors, among other things.

One of the keys to achieving sustainable societies, without affecting life as we know it, can be achieve by implementing the intelligent consumption habit, ie using only the energy we need.

To implement

According to data from the Uruguayan government portal on energy efficiencies, it is not the same to save and restrict the use of the energy by instead use the energy strategically. While saving concept involves limiting the use, the concept of energy efficiency involves optimizing the use of the resource and is more beneficial in the long term.

Appliances such as television, microwave, computer and battery chargers cell phones or cameras are still using energy if they remain connected even when turned off. So, by simply unplugging appliances when they are left unused will be contributing towards conserving energy.

It is also important to select home products that are environmentally friendly light bulbs as low power or high performance, latest gadgets, because they consume less than previous models. A good idea is to put timers in the home, which are time control systems that are used to open or close electrical circuits, on a scheduled basis.

It is also important that governments develop and implement policies that promote energy efficiency. The results not only contribute to the development of sustainable societies but will save money on energy expenditure.

Source: Universia Mexico