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The International Solar Energy Society and the Mexican Solar Energy Association are organizing SWC2013 to provide a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing and networking opportunities for corporates and individuals working in the Americas and globally

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Join scientists, researchers, practitioners, industry, policy makers, financial experts, NGOs and government representatives coming together from around the world to share the latest R&D renewable energy technology breakthroughs; successful policy, financing and deployment strategies; and pathways to meet growing energy requirements and renewable energy targets locally and globally. The Congress program features plenary and keynote presentations from global renewable energy leaders; Forums on crosscutting themes, workshops and training events; exhibitions; and technical presentations by researchers from over 76 countries, and numerous networking opportunities.

Plenary Sessions

Each day the Congress starts with a series of plenary speeches focusing on general themes. On the opening day Mexican government officials will open the Congress, followed by a speech by Prof. Eicke Weber, the Director of Fraunhofer ISE on global renewable energy developments. On Tuesday, the plenary talks will focus on Developments in the Americas, featuring Mark Lambrides, the head of the Energy and Climate Partnership for the Americas (ECPA) within the Organization of American States (OAS), Ken Westrick, a Board member of the Latin American and Caribbean Council on Renewable Energy, Odon de Buen, a senior government energy official in the agency CONUEE and others.

Wednesday plenaries focus on Global Perspectives and featured speakers from the International Energy Agency, REN-21, UNEP, IRENA, and other international organizations.

Thursday will be devoted to Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) Initiative, with a plenary address by Ms. Susan McDade, followed by a workshop on SE4ALL activities in Latin America and the UN Foundations Practitioner Network.

Keynotes, Forums, and Technical Sessions

Each day, following the plenary sessions, the Congress features keynote Speakers representing expertise in each of the six major Congress themes (Solar Heating and Cooling, Solar Buildings, Solar Electricity, Rural Energy Access, Resource Assessment and Climate, and Renewable Energy and Society).

Following these keynotes, there will be parallel sessions featuring a wide variety of cross-cutting interactive forums and technical presentations on the latest developments in renewable energy technologies and their deployments. For example, here are a few highlights from the Renewable Energy and Society theme:

  • Mexico’s paths to a renewable energy world –resources, current and planned policies, and strategies to address obstacles to success.
  • Policy developments and other strategies at work around the world and in the Americas
  • Renewable energy education, training, and workforce development with a spotlight on certification and accreditation
  • Community power and solar cities in diverse locations worldwide
  • Sustainable energy for all concepts, strategies, implementation

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