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Strong policy and tough decisions needed

Friday, October 14, 2011
This is the word of Ambassador Albert Ramdin, Assistant Secretary General of the Organisation of American States. Speaking at the Caribbean Renewable Energy Forum at Hilton yesterday, Ramdin made it clear that governments will have a tough choice to make where renewable energy is concerned, but reminded that it is for the long-term good.

“For the Caribbean, renewable energy has the potential to be a workable, meaningful solution, but it requires strong policy, meaningful support, and above all, it requires political will. Realising the potential of renewable energy in the Caribbean means being prepared to make difficult choices, sometimes choosing between political expediency and immediacy and the long-term good. It requires sacrifice, and the putting aside of political or personal conveniences,” Ramdin stated.

He further noted that the small business operator in Barbados could take the step of implementing the use of solar panels to produce power. For the Government, he said it may come down to choosing to do business with and providing incentives to those who use renewable energy.

Ramdin went on to say that while renewable energy may not be the most cost-effective option at this point, it is an investment in a sustainable future that must begin now. He added that the Caribbean is in fact well positioned to become a world leader as a region heading the renewable energy initiative.

“The Caribbean as a whole is uniquely positioned to meet its own energy demands and has the potential to become an example to the rest of the world, spearheading the renewable energy initiative as a regional grouping. Alternatives to the traditional diesel and fuel are all around us. Some of our islands are perfectly positioned to develop wind, geothermal and solar potential,” Ramdin added.

By Amanda Nieves
This article was published by The Barbados Advocate
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