Past Initiative News

Startup Perú awards PowerMundo Grant for Dynamic and High Impact Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Startup Perú, of the Ministry of Production, announced that PowerMundo, an international social enterprise that promote the use of clean technologies, was selected as a Dynamic and High Impact Entrepreneur. Thanks to the recent contest and PowerMundo’s proposal entitled: “Improving Lives with Solar Energy, Innovative Financing, and New Digital Technology,” PowerMundo will receive approximately $45,000 (S/. 137,000) and additional support from experts at the Startup Perú Program to build its business.

Startup is an initiative that promotes young Peruvian companies that offer innovative products and services with high technological input, project growth in international markets, and generate high-quality jobs. The initiative aims to support companies that develop creative solutions to complex problems and who can not only survive, but also grow and thrive over time.

For more information, read the full announcement visit Powermundo’s website, watch the video, or email: