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Senior ECPA Fellow Gregory Asner works with the Peruvian Ministry of Environment on their First National High Resolution Deforestation Map

Monday, October 01, 2012
Peru, September 21, 2012 – Peru just finished their first national high resolution deforestation map using Carnegie science and technology ( Senior ECPA fellow Gregory Asner (Carnegie Institute) worked deeply with the Peruvian Ministry of Environment on for the past three years to meet this goal. Their national monitoring approach is now, for the first time in history, up and running and under their now expert-capacity built control.

In addition, the more advanced techniques from the Carnegie Airborne Observatory ( program is producing the first national high-resolution carbon maps, along with detailed biodiversity
information, for Peru. In recognition of this ongoing partnership and series of win-win’s for science, conservation and policy, Peru’s Minister of Environment visited us during our most recent 2-month mapping campaign throughout the northern half of Peru. Please check out the Peruvian government’s video and press release here:

Also check the related press release: MINAM Press Release

According to ECPA Fellow Gregory Asner this is a really big deal for Peru, and the world. “It brings me great happiness to know that this is possible given the right combination of long-term and focused inter-institutional effort”, Dr Asner said. From an expert scientist’s perspective, Peru is leaping forward technically, and is among the most prepared for UN and other carbon-climate-REDD+ programs. “To me, this is what ECPA fellow initiative is ultimately trying to facilitate”, Asner concluded.