OAS to Train Future Leaders on Hemispheric Trade and Environment Issues

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
This seminar addresses key trade and environment agenda issues, from both a multilateral and regional perspective. Through a series of program modules, important areas of trade law and international environmental law and domestic policy are highlighted along with technical issues involved in the relationship between trade and environment.

The main objective of this summer course is to equip future leaders of developing countries with the tools required to achieve a comprehensive overview of the issues of trade and environment in the context of the sustainable development agenda. This course also hones the negotiating skills of participants and gives them the fundamental tools for implementing international trade agreements that include provisions or have environmental implications.

This seminar also encourages participants to explore ways of strengthening regional trade and environment cooperation networks sharing practical experiences and identifying specific cooperation challenges and opportunities to foster a more balanced trade and environment relationship. The course is designed for students with a bachelor’s or post graduate degree seeking to specialize in trade and environment issues

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