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New US Houses with Built-in Photovoltaic System

Monday, December 23, 2013

The solar energy installer Solar City Corp has signed a series of agreements with homebuilders from the states of Texas and Florida to offer photovoltaic systems in newly constructed homes.

In Texas, SolarCity and PSW Inmobiliaria Construction have signed an agreement in which PSW will offer solar energy as a standard characteristic in each of the newly built homes built in two new residential communityies in the Dallas Fort Worth area. This way, each of these new homes will come equipped with a 3 kW photovoltaic assembly, already paid for by the constructor. SolorCity will install the systems and will provide insurance, supervision, and repairs. The size of the communities was not revealed.

Also in Texas, SolarCity has signed an agreement with another construction company, Castle Rock Communities, to provide photovoltaic systems for 42 new Castle Rock living communities in the Austin, Houston, and San Antonio areas. For clients that opt for a solar system, homes with less than 2,500 sq feet (232 m2) will be equipped with a 4 kW photovoltaic system, while bigger homes will have a 6kW system. In those cases, SolarCity offers complimentary installation, with the system payment included in the home mortgage.

Finally, in Florida, as agreed with LifeStyle Homes Inc, SolarCity will provide home buyers with the option to purchase solar energy through 20 year prepaid lease. This way, Solar City will install and maintain a personalized photovoltaic sytem with each roof.

Solar City currently works with more than 75 construction companies in 9 different states throughout the country.

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