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Ministers of Environment and Foreign Affairs: COP to bring investments to Peru

Monday, November 24, 2014

Lima, Nov. 23. The United Nation’s 20th Edition of the Conference on Climate Change (COP 20) will enable to attract more investments to Peru, forecasted the minister of Environment, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal.

The conference, to be held from December 1 – 12 this year, will provide “direct and indirect benefits,” that lead to the increase job creation and sustainable development, which favors Peruvians, he expressed.

Green technology entrepreneurs have signed up to attend the conference.

Short term benefits, such as: commercial services to be provided the attendees, accommodations and tourism are forecasted to bring a total US$ 120 million to the hosting nation.

More than 12,000 people from 195 countries will arrive in Lima for the summit.

On the other hand, Peru’s Foreign Affairs minister, Gonzalo Gutierrez Reinel, confidently claimed “the conference in Lima will be a success” due to the preparations underway.

COP meetings are scenarios to discuss how to apply the Convention on Climate Change.

The objective of this meeting is to mitigate the emission of greenhouse gasses.

This article was originally published by Andina, here.