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Leaders and Scientists Come Together for a Planning Workshop on Metrology and Technology Challenges

Friday, October 04, 2013

The National Metrology Center (CENAM) will work with the Organization of American States and the National Institute of Standards and Technology to host a planning workshop on metrology and technology challenges under ECPA’s Renewable Energy and Climate Science initiative. It will take place in Queretaro, Mexico on the CENAM campus from October 8-9, 2013. The Planning Workshop will be a platform for discussing challenges in the measurement of climate change, and the importance of establishing international norms for those measurements.

Key regional representatives from ANDIMET, CAMET, CARIMET, NORAMET, SURAMET, and PTB will give brief presentations. The objectives of this Planning Workshop are to identify technology and metrology areas where training would be most beneficial, start planning workshops to improve local and regional measurement standards infrastructure, explore ways to promote regional and international approaches of best practices of expanded utilization of renewable energy, measurement of air quality, GHGs and efficient energy use and distribution systems and to develop an initial Action Plan for the Americas. This workshop is intended to be the first of many that seek to set up an internationally recognized standard of measurement for climate change.

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