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Latinoamerica Renovable announces the launch of the “Renewable Monitor”

Monday, May 13, 2013
Ohio, USA – Latinoamerica Renovable, LLC announced today that it has launched a new product “Renewable Monitor” effective May 13, 2013. This new tool will help entrepreneurs, investors, companies with products and services related to renewable energies, Governments, researchers, teachers, media, consultants, analysts and students to better understand the trends in the development of renewable energy for the region of Latin America.
Latinoamerica Renovable officials expect that this tool will help catalyze public participation and awareness in renewable energy efforts. “The new tool is an innovative and rapid way to connect the public with the right information; while the public will quickly find and organize the information using this tool, the monitored media sites will also improve their targeted traffic” said Dr. Dora de Alonzo president and founder of Latinoamerica Renovable.

About Latinoamerica Renovable
Founded in the beginning of March 2012, Latinoamerica Renovable, LLC is company serving the entire Americas with research, consulting and project management in renewable energy. Latinoamerica Renovable, LLC is pioneering the efforts to promote renewable energies in Latin America with an open-source e-newsletter prepared by local experts that includes the following topics: biofuels, biomass, solar energy, wind energy, hydraulic energy, geothermal energy, green building, energy efficiency, agriculture and the environment. For more information please visit: