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La Jolla Conference – Early Bird Registration Ends April 26!

Monday, April 08, 2013
Each May, the Institute of the Americas convenes its annual energy forum, known as “The La Jolla Conference.” Focused on Western Hemisphere energy issues, The La Jolla Conference attracts company presidents, energy ministers, senior government officials and regulators, as well as bankers and representatives of NGOs to the Institute’s home in scenic La Jolla, California.

The 2012 edition of The La Jolla Conference will again be at the forefront of shaping critical energy policy discussions and assessing key trends. Among the principal themes to be discussed are: Colombia’s booming energy sector; Brazil’s energy revolution; the role of unconventional resources; LNG and natural gas developments; Mexico’s energy panorama in an election year; China and Latin America’s energy ties; the regional outlook for electric power; and, Central American electric integration.

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