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Honduras will participate in climate change global decisions.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Funds for landslides and flooding will be available.

Darío Guzmán, La Tribuna

The unfortunate but realistic categorization taken in Doha, Qatar, where Honduras has the highest climate change vulnerability of the planet, also brought the good news to incorporate it as a member of the Global Climate Change Adaptation. This is a planetary table where decisions are made and resources are allocated to address global climate distortion, especially in countries where high temperatures are causing major flooding and prolonged droughts.

Irina Pineda.

This fund, now features a Honduran on their staff to contribute to decision making processes in funding for environmental projects that meet the requirements established global.

The choice for the position of international influence went to the lawyer Irina Elena Pineda, current coordinator of External Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (SERNA). To apply for this position, Pineda competed at the global level, participating in negotiations that have been ongoing since the 2011 meetings held in Durban, Bangkok, to its realization in the republic of Qatar. To access this course, the legal practitioner had the deference of the Group of Latin American Countries (GRULAC). In reference to this distinction and benefits posed to the country, Irina Pineda said that besides national pride is the responsibility to make decisions with global impact

Rising seas in coastal areas in Honduras.

“This is a sign of confidence that the countries of the world give us, marking institutional growth and an opportunity to demonstrate that the country has the potential to excel at the international level,” said the legal professional.

The high deforestation “helped” to get the first place in vulnerability.

“The personal, professional and institutional challenges ahead are great and difficult, the decisions to be made are at the global level, which is why we need to leave a legacy to the world that Hondurans are able to take initiatives and propose mitigation and adaptation to climate deterioration and its consequences,” said Irina Elena Pineda.

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