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Dissemination of the developments of the ECPA initiative with Honduras exporter company

Monday, July 29, 2013
The interest around renewable electricity generation by harnessing the productive uses of waste water, is becoming a boom in Honduras. Based on the above, SNV and VIOGAZ made an exchange visit to C & D SA, a processor and exporter of beef, in order to disseminate the ECPA project developments in relation to the production of biogas and electricity generation and analyze opportunities for replicating this process in the company.

The visit was accompanied by SNV – VIOGAZ technical staff and the technical staff from the company. The SNV – VIOGAZ team made a presentation on bio-digestion systems and power generation. Following this, and with a clearer idea of the subject, the SNV – VIOGAZ team toured the company to analyze meat processing and the reuse of waste water generated by this productive activity.

Moreover, the SNV – VIOGAZ team identified potential uses of biogas to generate such waste water: LPG substitution [1] in boilers and power generation to replace electricity, used in some processes.

This process of dissemination and exchange promoted by the ECPA initiative-Generation of Electricity from Biogas, shows the interest that is generated in other industries around the use of waste water production processes for electricity generation in order to promote better social, environmental and economic production activities in the country.

This article was originally published by SNV World in spanish here and was translated by the ECPA Clearinghouse team.