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CONDESAN and ECPA are Linking Science and Policy to Develop Strategies to Adapt to Climate Change in the Andes

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


UNESCO, ECPA initiative “Andean Climate Change Interamerican Observatory Network” (ACCION) and the Consortium for the sustainable development of the Andean Eco-region (CONDESAN) are organizing, from 20-22 November 2013 in Quito, (Ecuador) a “Science Policy Workshop: Impacts of Global Climate Change on Snow, Glaciers and Water Resources in the Andes” in Quito, Ecuador.

This science and policy workshop invites experts in natural sciences (e.g. glaciologists, hydrologists, water resources experts) and social sciences, but also policy makers (from local to national level) and practitioners (for example, mountain biosphere reserves’ managers) and other local stakeholders to optimize research efforts and science-based policy needs for adaptation strategies in the region.

It is intended that the workshop will result in recommendations for scientists, policy advisers and decision makers from Member States of the region. Furthermore, will be identified research agendas and strategies to successfully implement climate change adaptation and mitigation measures.

The Andean Climate Change Interamerican Observatory Network (ACCION) organizes this workshop under the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) framework to enhance capacity building at both the scientific and the communications levels in the Andean countries so as to catalyze networking and strengthen simultaneously local research institutions and policy making in these countries.

CONDESAN facilitates and organizes these type workshops as part of its Andean Dialogue Programme, which aims to encourage dialogue and learning among development actors in the Andes, to the formulation of policy recommendations to guide decisions on sustainable management of natural resources Andean countries.

Follow the developments of this workshop through InfoAndina (InfoAndina TV, website, news, Facebook and Twitter), CONDESAN institutional program. Moreover, since the quality of the speakers, we will have many inputs for the preparation of a Proposal Andean CONDESAN oriented document promoted by political actors to put in simple format as proposed scientific issues.

Language of Event: Spanish
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