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Climate Change Expert, Ana Barros, to Visit Peru on Behalf of ECPA Senior Fellows

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Washington, D.C., 12th March 2013
Dr. Ana Barros, a Senior Fellow in the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA), will be traveling March 17th through March 23rd
to participate in a field trip, take part in meetings and give presentations in Arequipa and Lima. Dr. Barros works at Duke University as a Professor of Engineering. The Senior ECPA Fellows program is a network of high-level technical experts in the fields of climate change and energy who travel between countries in the Western Hemisphere to consult with governments or other institutions. The program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Western Hemispheric Affairs and is administered by Partners of the Americas. There are currently 20 Senior ECPA Fellows who participate in these international exchanges. The main areas of focus for the program are: energy efficiency, renewable energy, energy infrastructure, energy poverty and access, sustainable forestry and land use, and climate change adaptation.

Dr. Barros is an expert in adaptation. Her primary research areas are in environmental physics and engineering, and optimal management of natural resources and their supporting landscapes. During her exchange to Peru, Dr. Barros will present to the Peruvian National Water Authority (ANA) and Peru’s National Meteorological and Hydrology Service (SENAMHI), and meet with several Sustainable Development organizations, international NGOs, the Peruvian National Center for Disaster Analysis and Prevention (CENEPRED), the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture, and local government groups during her field trip visits. She will also provide a Webcast that will be featured at the South America Regional Environment Office website:

See press release, here.