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Bolivia will address climate change in the G77+China

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Permanent Representative of Bolivia to the United Nations (UN), Sacha Llorenti confirmed that the country will Chair the group G77+China in January, which brings together 133 developing countries.

He said that the agenda of the G77+China in 2014 will focus on climate change and sustainable development. He explained that Bolivia will also chair the preparatory meetings on climate change.

“The goals of sustainable development is another important issue that will be a continuation of the millennium development goals,” said Bolivia’s ambassador to the UN.

Llorenti said that Bolivia has met several goals of the millennium agenda in terms of poverty reduction and water. “That will be another key debate because the millennium development goals in addition to the new global development agenda will be debated in 2015,” he said.

The G77+China group was formed in 1974 with the aim of bringing together developing countries to unite and establish negotiating policies on common issues and establish trade and development policies.

Sacha Llorenti said that he is currently in the country to organize the acceptance of the Presidency of the G77+China in January.

He stated that 133 countries resolved to elect Bolivia as their representative for the signs of change that Bolivia has undertaken in the international arena.

Source: Los Tiempos