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Bolivia is the third American country with better energy security

Thursday, March 14, 2013
Bolivia is the third-best American energy security, below Canada and Colombia, and 22 in the world, according to the Energy Sustainability Index 2012, released by the World Energy Council (WEC-English).

“According to the summary of the World Energy Council, the ten countries in the world with better energy security are Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Slovakia, Japan, Russia, Norway and Hungary,” the Bolivian Information Agency ABI.

Moreover, Bolivia is among the six countries in Latin America with better energy sustainability, below Canada, United States, Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay.

Furthermore, in the records of the World Energy Council, in relation to social equity and environmental impact mitigation, Bolivia is in the position 64 and 45, respectively, relative to the 94 members of that entity. The study of the World Energy Council considers, in its count, 94 members of the intergovernmental organization.

Bolivia joined the agency in 2011 and was admitted for the first time in this year’s index and performs well in energy security with a strong relationship of production to total energy supply, good diversification of electricity production and high-margin wholesale gasoline, according WEC.

Source: La