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A billboard that creates clean water from thin air in Peru

Monday, March 25, 2013

“The panel traps humidity in the air and transforms it into water. It’s that simple,” says Jessica Ruas, spokesperson from University of Engineering and Technology in Lima, Peru.

The object in conversation (BBC News) is a new advertising billboard – launched by an advertising agency in Mayo Peru DraftFCB and researchers at the University of Engineering and Technology in Lima – that through a filter system produces clean water from the humidity in the air. The billboard reads, “A billboard that produces drinking water from air”, and so far it has done just that yielding over 9,000 litres of drinking water- 96 litres a day. Inside of the billboard, there are five devices that extract water vapour from the air using a condenser and filters. Water is collected in tanks at the top of the structure and once filtered, it flows down to the tap accessible to everyone in the village of Bujama, just south of the capital city.

This billboard shows what can happen when innovative and creative minds combine with engineering and technology to create sustainable solutions. By having an advertisement double as a sustainable water supplier, we can begin to see how the future is in green technology. Business can compliment green energy by giving their target audiences incentives and ways to engage with their material from an actual “hard” result. Using this type of advertisement will resonate well with their audiences and benefit the planet as well, creating a vastly more memorable experience for everyone. However, this billboard’s impact touches further than just an advertise or a sustainable solution. It is an inspiration to future engineers and a clear example of how innovation and ingenuity can solve issues in multiple industries, green energy being at the forefront.

“We want to change the minds of future engineers and inspire them.”- Ms Ruas.

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