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1st International ACCION/UNESCO Climate School on “Andean Climate Variability and Change” (3-6 September, 2013)

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The 1st International ACCIÓN/UNESCO Climate School focuses on the topic of “Andean Climate Variability and Change”, due to its timeliness and the important consequences of climate change for the Andean environment and society.

Dr. Amelia Díaz, SENAMHI CEO, Dr. Mathias Vuille
ACCION project manager and Dr. Ken Takahashi, a research scientist at Instituto de Geofisica del Perú (IGP),
during the inauguration of the 1st International ACCION/UNESCO Climate School on “Andean Climate
Variability and Change”

The Andean Climate Change Interandean Observatory Network (ACCIÓN) an ECPA initiative funded by the US State Department, together with the UNESCO International Hydrologic Program (IHP), and jointly organized the course seeks to foster connections and interdisciplinary collaborations, and cover a wide range of aspects of climate change.

The climate school intends to focus both on the uncertainties in our current understanding of the climate system as well as on the scientific challenges associated with future climate projections. The ACCIÓN climate school invites scientists from all fields of climate research to apply. The course aims to foster cross-disciplinary connections and collaborations and will cover a broad spectrum of climate change aspects. The school will include a mix of plenary lectures, group work and individual computer-based assignments. It is intended to provide a platform where the next generation of scientists from the Andes can gain professional experience and make connections beyond their countries’ borders.

Lectures and workshops will be taught by senior instructors from the University at Albany (USA), the Instituto Geofísico del Peru (IGP), SENAMHI (Peru) and the Departamento de Geofísica, Universidad de Chile.


• Dr. Mathias Vuille, University at Albany, Albany, NY, USA

• Dr. Ken Takahashi, IGP, Lima Peru

• Dr. Waldo Lavado, SENAMHI, Lima, Peru

• Dr. René Garreaud, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at: Email:; Phone: +1.518.442.4472 (Mathias Vuille)

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