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ECPA Initiative in Action! Photo Blog on Solar Pv Systems in Nicaragua!

Nov 04, 2013

The mountains of Nicaragua are beautiful, wet, and isolated. Without a doubt, Nicaragua is from volcanoes to lakes and from wildlife to biodiversity, Nicaragua can’t complain about its internal beauty. Yet despite all these assets, various parts of Nicaragua are still making the long journey towards the development of more resources. One of every 3.3 […]

Sustainable and Beautiful: Public Space Design in Mexico City

Oct 17, 2013

Throughout Latin America, life has gathered around public space in cities. Public spaces have served as focal meeting points, religious ceremonies, public markets, and transit. Spanish redesign maintained the tradition of public spaces, and for over five centuries, plazas and parks have served as integral parts of city life. The local government in Mexico City established the Public […]

Specificity is the Magic Word: ECPA Exclusive Interview with Ruben Contreras, Project Manager

Oct 03, 2013

This week, ECPA Clearinghouse had the chance to sit down with Ruben Contreras to discuss the upcoming launch of  “Renewable Energy and Climate Science: Metrology and Technology Challenges in the Americas.” As project manager, Contreras gave us an exclusive insight about the formation of the project. With over 15 years experience in energy, environment, atmospheric science and […]

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