[WEBINAR]: Information Management and Technology Capacity for Business Resilience

The Americas has experienced an increase in the frequency, scale and impact of disasters, over the past three decades. With still two more years left in the current decade (2011-2020), economic losses have already exceeded that of the preceding decade, and based on trends, there is a strong likelihood that the number of people affected will be exceeded.

Disasters undermine economic resilience and they have a debilitating effect on small, micro and medium enterprises that are least able to cope. Consequently, building economic resilience to disasters must include efforts at building the resilience of SMMEs especially in areas such as emergency financial management.

The Organization of American States (Secretariat for Integral Development) and Amazon Web Services will host the first in a series of 4 webinars aimed at building the awareness of managers and staff of SMMEs of the actions they can take to build their resilience to disasters.

The webinar will address the subject: Information Management and Technology Capacity for Business Resilience. The Presenters will be Maggie Carter and Abby Daniel of Amazon web Services.

The event will be conducted in separate English and Spanish sessions as follows:

English Session: 10:00a.m – 11:00 am

Spanish Session: 11:30a.m – 12:30a.m


Jan 17 2019


10:00 - 23:00
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