[Webinar]: Analyzing the behavior of air pollutants during the Covid-19 global lockdown

With millions of people sheltering in place as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, cities across the world are seeing dramatic changes in the behavior of air pollutants resulting from sharp drops in regional traffic, commerce and industrial activity.

Data compiled by air quality monitoring stations in Latin American cities have shown major improvements in air quality over the past weeks and in the same period one year ago. Although this might not be the general outlook for all cities, the current situation offers a momentary view into what happens to the air we breathe when emissions are reduced in a radical and sudden way.  This webinar will open a space to share the latest data on air pollution by various air quality monitoring stations, and to discuss the behavior of air pollutants in Latin America during the lockdown.

Thursday April 16, 2020  I 2:00 pm DC time

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Opening Remarks

Juan Cruz Monticelli; Section Chief, Department of Sustainable Development, OAS

General Panorama Air Pollutants

  • Jorge Koelliker, Scientific Coordinator, Gas Metrology Group, CENAM, Mexico

What can be interpreted from the current levels of Air Pollution? 

  • Medellin, Colombia: Tiberio Benavidez. See presentation, here.

Universidad Nacional de Colombia, sede Medellin, Laboratorio

  • Santiago, Chile: Isabel Leiva Campos.  See presentation, here.

Superintendencia del Medio Ambiente (SMA)

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: Maria Ines de Casas. See presentation, here.

Agencia de Proteccion Ambiental – S.O Monitoreo Atmosferico

  • Sao Paulo, Brasil: Maria Lucia Goncalves Guardani. See presentation, here.

Companhia Ambiental do Estado de Sao Paulo (CETESB)

  • Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico – Olivia Rivera Hernandez. See presentation, here.

Sistema de Monitoreo Atmosferico de la Ciudad de Mexico (SEDEMA – SIMAT)

  • Quito, Ecuador: Maria Valeria Díaz. See presentation, here.

Responsable Tecnica y Administrativa de la Red de Metropolitana Ambiental de Quito, Laboratorio de la Secretaría de Ambiente.

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Apr 16 2020


14:00 - 15:30
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