Seminar: Promoting Energy Efficiency in Haiti

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 – Friday, June 20, 2014

Seminar: Promoting Energy Efficiency in Haiti



The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States, through the Department of Sustainable Development of the Executive Secretariat for Integral Development, through the its Department of Sustainable Development is facilitating an energy efficiency seminar with experts from Mexico’s National Commission for the Effcient Use of Energy, the Caribbean Solar Energy Society and the United States Agency for International Development. This seminar takes place under the umbrella of the Energy Efficiency Working Group of the Energy and Climate Partnership for the Americas (ECPA).

Energy Efficiency in Haiti Workshop:

During the Regional Energy Information Forum and Workshop on Energy Balance and Planning Models hosted by CARICOM Secretariat and the Latin American Energy Organisation (OLADE) held on December 9-13, 2013, the Government of Haiti expressed interest to receive technical support on efficient cook stoves.

Haiti, alongside most of the Caribbean’s countries, is a net importer of energy in the form of petroleum and petroleum products, with electricity tariffs being among the highest in the region. This situation makes them highly susceptible to the negative impact of world oil price volatility. In addition, Small Island Developing States (SIDS), such as Haiti, are particularly vulnerable to the devastating effects of Climate Change.

Using renewable energy technologies as a substitute for conventional energy sources is key to minimizing environmental impact and breaking the costly over-dependence on imported petroleum and petroleum products. It has become clear that increasing energy efficiency is the most cost effective way to reduce overall energy consumption. Additionally, energy efficiency plays a pivotal role in addressing factors leading to climate change, energy security, and sustainable economic development.

To address Haiti’s energy situation, the focus of this workshop is building human capacity to properly manage the more efficient use of energy, and to facilitate the increased use of renewable energy technologies. Renewable energy technologies are proven and therefore a sound technical knowledge could foster sustainable growth of the energy sector in Haiti.

Workshop Description:

The first session aims to create knowledge, building capacity and raise attractiveness of energy efficiency measures (efficient cook stoves, lightening, buildings and transportation) and renewable energy technologies (solar) among policymakers and government officials.

The remaining sessions of the seminar aims to support and guidance on best practices and share lessons learned among students and professionals. The seminar will include an overview of energy efficiency concepts and practices, with a focus on efficient cook stoves, efficient lighting and buildings energy efficiency in general, principles of solar energy such as solar thermal and cooling.

Finally, the seminar seeks to establish institutional links and coordination mechanisms with other energy efficiency initiatives (such as the USAID’s project Improved Cooking Technology Program or Recho Pa’w project).

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Jun 17 - 20 2014


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