IV Public Discussion Forum: Impact of Expanded Natural Gas Resources on the Energy Future of the Americas

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

IV Public Discussion Forum: Impact of Expanded Natural Gas Resources on the Energy Future of the Americas


The OAS Department of Sustainable Development, in its capacity as Clearinghouse of the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA), is hosting its fourth energy and climate public discussion forum. The objective is to foster meaningful debates on the seven pillars of ECPA. The IV forum will assess the impact of expanded natural gas resources in the energy future of the Americas.

Natural gas is a strategic resource with considerable potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy generation. It releases less than half the CO2 emissions of coal as well as fewer pollutants into the atmosphere. Furthermore, methane, the main pollutant associated with natural gas, only remains in the atmosphere for several months, as opposed to CO2 which takes several hundred years to be transformed. For these reasons natural gas is viewed as a bridge fuel to a carbon-zero economy. Several countries in the Americas boast abundant conventional and unconventional natural gas reserves. Historically, conventional gas has been the focus of most of the energy industry’s exploration. However, most of the growth in supply in recent years is derived from unconventional formations such as tight gas, coal bed methane, gas hydrates, and shale gas. Technological breakthroughs have made these supplies commercially viable.

The OAS seeks to contribute to shaping policies that promote a transition to low-carbon economies and encourage sustainable development. The forum will promote understanding and foster provocative exchanges on topics relating to natural gas.

Permanent Missions and other guests will be encouraged to engage in an open debate with specialists and Clearinghouse staff about the future of gas in the region’s geopolitical context. Further, the audience will learn about how these resources are reshaping the Americas’ energy mix.

The forum will follow the Davos-style format. Panellists will share their knowledge and ideas on four main topics.

  1. Natural gas and LNG: a transition toward low-carbon energy sources
  2. Trans boundary pipelines and other interconnections
  3. Integration and governance: fundamental components for energy diversification and climate change mitigation
  4. Natural gas, LNG and hydropower: balanced energy mix in electricity generation.

Guests are encouraged to ask questions and interact with speakers and other meeting participants.

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Jul 30 2014


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