International Fair of Technologies – IFT Energy 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 – Friday, May 11, 2012

International Fair of Technologies – IFT Energy 2012


Chile, and indeed much of Latin America, has been growing and modernizing at a remarkable pace. To maintain this growth, the region requires evermore energy to power its industries, cities and homes. But there are significant challenges to overcome and difficult questions to ask:

In a region that is dependant on hydroelectric power, what do you do during a drought?
How do you move power between areas that have it and areas that need it, without spoiling one of the most pristine environments in the world?

How can Latin American economies continue to grow when expansion of the energy supply is falling behind?

Is nuclear power a choice in an active seismic region?

When oil plays a key role in electrical generation, what can you do about fluctuating oil prices?

Is there a way to deliver less-costly electricity to consumers, while at the same time, continuing to invest in modernizing the system?

With such a wide choice of potential energy sources, how do you prioritize which ones to pursue?

Should more effort go to increasing capacity, or increasing efficiency?

IFT ENERGY 2012 – Exhibition and Conference is a professional trade event designed to assemble the world’s best manufacturers and service providers to present Latin America with a complete range of innovative, sustainable, technological solutions to help efficiently and effectively generate, transmit, and deliver affordable electrical power where it is needed now, and will be needed in the future.

The Focus is Energy
IFT Energy 2012 is where the world’s suppliers, buyers and decision-makers gather to collaborate on all aspects of Latin America energy generation, delivery and transmission, from hydrocarbons to regional balance and energy efficiency.

Your Key Audience
IFT Energy 2012 is the perfect venue for companies of all sizes who want exposure and access to the most influential decision-makers and leaders of Latin America’s energy future, as well as media and important business contacts such as buyers, specifiers and investors.

Business Opportunities
If your business involves solutions related to the electrical powering of Latin America now and in the future, you simply can’t afford to miss the tremendous trade opportunities on this unique and important stage.

Do you have solutions to offer?
Present them to an attentive audience at IFT ENERGY 2012 – 9-11 May 2012 – Santiago, Chile

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May 09 - 11 2012


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