Inauguration of the Nicaraguan National Climate Change Center

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Inauguration of the Nicaraguan National Climate Change Center

On February 22, 2012, PROLEÑA and Trees, Water & People will be hosting the inauguration of the Nicaraguan National Climate Change Center and the unveiling of a new 12 panel, 350 kWh solar system. The Center will have a variety of renewable energy and energy efficiency demonstrations including the solar electric array, a full series of Cleantech solar products, and various clean cookstove models and kilns. In addition, it will focus on researching and transferring best practices for integral forest management to the Nicaraguan forestry community and industry. The Center is being developed as an educational demonstration site that will help institutions, NGOs, and CBOs learn how to adapt to occurring climate change.

This project is made possible through funding from the ECPA’s energy and climate awards. Trees, Water & People, along with partner organizations, are implementing “Improving Access to Clean Energy in Latin America.” The project activities will contribute to ECPA’s efforts to promote clean energy, low carbon development, and climate-resilient growth.

Left to Right: Will Cobb (US Embassy); Marlyng Buitrago (Proleña), María Esperanza Sirias
(Ministry of Energy and Mines);
Richard Fox (TWP); Rosario Sotelo (Proleña BOD).

Brief Synopsis: The inauguration of the Nicaraguan National Climate Change Center sets the stage for “Improving Access to Clean Energy in Latin America”, an ECPA-funded project of Trees, Water & People (TWP). The demonstration at the Center allows TWP’s Nicaraguan partner, PROLEÑA, to show leadership in using solar energy for daily operations, as they build clean-burning and fuel-efficient firewood and charcoal cookstoves. Guests at the event included: Will Cobb from the US Embassy in Managua; Lisseth Carranza and Felix Cardoza from Peace Corps Nicaragua.

: The solar array was installed by Suni Solar and is made up of twelve 180 watt panels that will generate 350 kWh per month. The Center provides a learning space for university students, government institutions, and NGOs and CBOs interested in renewable energy practices.

Contact Person: or call 2280.6406 / 8966.4931

Links to Further Information: Trees, Water & People l El Nuevo Diario l PROLEÑA

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