Global Stakeholders Dialogues: Taking Action on Climate Change

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 – Thursday, October 30, 2014

Global Stakeholders Dialogues: Taking Action on Climate Change


The twentieth Conference of the Parties (COP20) is just a stone’s throw away. Opportunities for dialogue and exchange of information amongst stakeholders that act as observers to theCOP20 are key to building consensus. Considering this, the stakeholder engagement of theCOP20 presidency has invited a number of the key actors involved in the diverse observer constituencies of the UNFCCC. The aim is for them to inform and articulate actions with Peruvian representatives of similar interest groups; in particular to inform about their roles during the COP20 and to strengthen the link between the representatives of the represented.In order to ensure that a communication channels exist between he UNFCCC, civil society and the private sector, the UNFCCC represents these stakeholders in the negotiation process through nine constituencies. National stakeholders of the different constituencies, as organized by the UNFCCC (private sector, youth, environmental NGOs, women and environment development organizations, academia, local governments, unions and agriculture), have asked to learn more about the role and agendas of each of the constituencies, both at the national and international level, considering that the COP20 the will be held in Lima in December of2014. Hence, it is timely to organize an event between and for the constituencies in order forties to be build amongst stakeholders of the different constituencies.The event will allow national representatives of the different constituencies to obtain up-to-date information directly from global organizations that represent them. In addition, it is an opportunity for national actors to transmit proposals that aim to generate incidence on the road to COP20 and COP21 in Paris. The event aims to create direct dialogues between the main representatives of the constituencies and the national and international level through roundtable discussions. It is important to note that the stakeholders of the main interest groups represent over 1400 observer organizations involved in the COP20 negotiation process.
1) Offer an updated panorama of the role, advancements, and positions of the representatives of the main constituencies of the UNFCCC.
2) Learn about the work of principal observer organizations and their proposals, to build ties at the international, regional and national levels.
3) Allow for national representatives of the diverse constituencies to have direct contact with the global peers before COP20 so as to strengthen their ties and be more
prepared for COP20.


The event will last three days and will take place from October 28th to 30th. It will have the following segments:
– Plenaries: a public informative segment for the general public of the represented constituency
– Round Table Discussions: a private encounter between representatives and leaders of each constituency.
Each day two segment of plenaries and two segments of round table discussion will be held following the following methodoloy:


  • A brief introduction by the moderator on the consitituency being represented in that segment.
  • A presentation of the vision, progress and strategy of the institution representatives.
  • A panel discussion on the experiences of the represented organizations.
  • Networking amongst participants


  • Meet the leaders: peruvian leaders from each of the stakeholder groups will be able to meet those who represent them in the COP negotiation process. This is an opportunity to dialogue and ask questions in order to solve doubts and exchange ideas directly. These will have an open informal dialogue format.
  • Meet the COP20: peruvian leaders from each of the stakeholder groups will meet with the Peruvian negotiations team who will respond to their questions and will present the latest progress.
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Oct 28 - 30 2014


21:10 - 21:10
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