Decarbonization Training Series for Latin America & the Caribbean

The Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) and New Energy Events are pleased to announce the launch of a new virtual training series on decarbonization.

Through case studies, the series aims to guide regional policymakers through critical decision-making to forge a path to a net zero future.

 The three-part training series is offered on a complimentary basis to senior government officials, regulators, and key public sector executives as part of the OAS commitment to the decarbonization of the region.

The training series, which has been designed in consultation with McKinsey, comprises the following three foundational pillars:


Session 1: Building Blocks – August 3


  • Why decarbonization is an essential component of long-term economic relevance and competitiveness
  • Defining pathways to 1.5°C and other scenarios
  • Net zero leaders across countries and sectors
  • Overall approach to a decarbonization strategy


Group discussion: Reality check – impacts of climate change on Latin America and the Caribbean and key related policy changes


Session 2: The Energy Transition – August 23


  • Global energy perspective
    • Five scenarios for energy transition
    • Power supply and demand
    • Oil and natural gas demand
    • Hydrogen demand
    • Sustainable fuels
    • CCUS


Group discussion: Opportunities for Latin America and the Caribbean in the global decarbonization narrative


Session 3: The Road Ahead – September 13


  • Understanding the role of carbon markets; prospects and next steps
  • Decarbonization by sector – opportunities, changes and approaches:
    • Steel
    • Cement
    • Agriculture
    • Oil & Gas
    • Mining


Group discussion: National feedback on training; real-world applications; next steps


Aug 03 2022 - Sep 13 2022

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