Coffee aroma afternoon

Wednesday, August 14, 2013 – Friday, August 16, 2013

Coffee aroma afternoon

ECPA grantee Café ARUCO (a collective organization of small-scale coffee producers) in charge of promoting coffee through tastings while presenting other agricultural crops from the Corquín area.

Participants of this event will also have the opportunity to learn more about development projects currently taking place in the area and have the opportunity to learn about promotion of technical services, and technology promotion. Coffee organizations and non-governmental organizations and government institutions and municipalities are expected to attend. This event takes place during the annual Corquín township fair.

This event forms part of the the ECPA iniative- Generation of Electricity from Biogas: Electricity Savings Solutions for Coffee Processing and Swine Farms in Honduras and Costa Rica and Promotion of Clean Energy Use through Raising Public Awareness.

Contact: Rubén Gallozi –, Osmer Ponce –

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Aug 14 - 16 2013


21:00 - 21:00
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