Closed-Looped Cycle Production Meeting to be Held in Ecuador

Monday, November 28, 2011 – Friday, December 2, 2011

Closed-Looped Cycle Production Meeting to be Held in Ecuador

During the week of November 28 to December 1, 2011 meetings will be held in Quito regarding closed-looped cycle production in Ecuador as part of the “Closed Looped Cycle Production in the Americas” initiative.

The principle goals of the initiative is to introduce and showcase the viability and applicability of the C2C design method in the production sector of Ecuador as an innovative business development tool to mainly improve energy efficiency in the industrial sector and to increase the productivity, competitiveness and sustainability of businesses, in particular Small and Mediums size Enterprises (SMEs).

The initiative includes three phases:

Phase 1. – Preliminary Phase involving a diagnostic of Ecuador’s production sector and the identification and definition of the scope of Ecuador’s Closed-Looped Cycle (C2C) Production initiative.

Phase 2. – Facilitating the Ecuador’s C2C demonstration potential, for which a country pilot project assessment is contemplated, including institutional arrangements for implementation, capacity building at the national level, and dissemination of lessons learned in third party countries. Phase 2 includes the following components:

Component 1 – Capacity Building: To create/improve capacity of government and national enterprises, in particular SME’s in prioritized sub-sectors to carry out C2C product development project(s) within the Ecuadorian production sector.

Component 2 – Cooperation & Dialogue: To set up/establish an institutional framework among all relevant stakeholders to facilitate cooperation, dialogue and the proper design and implementation of C2C development project(s) in the production sector of Ecuador.

Component 3 – Policy Development: Establish a proper legal and regulatory framework to address market barriers in order to incentivize and facilitate the production and introduction of the C2C products in Ecuador.

Component 4 – Business Development: To showcase and/or prove the profitability and sustainability of businesses (including SMEs) within the production sector applying the C2C method.

Phase 3. – Inclusion of lessons learned in current regional efforts through government, the creation and dissemination of knowledge and the introduction of the closed-looped cycle production approach in Ecuador’s manufacturing industry.

Government representatives, academia, chambers of commerce and local and international partners will attend the meetings aimed at starting the second phase of the Closed-Looped Cycle Production initiative.

For more information, contact Rubén Contreras,, or Kevin de Cuba,

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Nov 28 2011 - Dec 02 2011


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