CARICOM Electric Vehicle Technology Expo (“EV-lution II”)

Friday, June 22, 2018 – Saturday, June 23, 2018

CARICOM Electric Vehicle Technology Expo (“EV-lution II”)

Citizens are increasingly recognizing the cost-benefits of electric vehicle (EV) technologies. In anticipation of a surge in EV deployment within the region, the CARICOM Secretariat is supporting Member States in the development of specific goals, targets and roadmaps for activities, projects and programmes that are related to the promotion of electrification of transport. The Electric Mobility (ElMo) Workshop and Technology Expo, scheduled for 20-23 June 2018 in Barbados, is part of a series of Regional initiatives on electric vehicle promotion within CARICOM. Energy vehicle applications can provide a powerful pathway toward the democratic use of energy within the region; that is, the right of every citizen to have access to determine the way in which their energy is produced, delivered and used.

Access to secure, cost-effective energy is indispensable to economic transformation within CARICOM. A majority of our countries are historically threatened by a series of energy challenges that have, especially during the last decade, compromised efforts to stimulate economic growth within the productive sectors. The region could reduce oil consumption considerably if an electric vehicle strategy that seeks to remove gasoline- and diesel- fueled automobiles from the new vehicle market is promoted.

Recently, the CARICOM Secretariat established an Electric Vehicle Working Group (EVWG) that is tasked with, among other things, the development of a Region Roadmap for accelerating the electrification of transport. The Roadmap is targeted for completion in the first quarter of 2019 and is expected to include strategies for:

  1. Increasing EV technology adoption by identifying cost reduction strategies and improving consumer education;
  2. Accelerating the buildout of EV charging infrastructure;
  3. Supporting the electrification of buses and other fleet vehicles;
  4. Incentivizing EV charging to align with the electricity demand profile and improve utilization of the power grid; and
  5. Coordinating with ongoing grid modernization and planning efforts to help maximize the use of renewable sources for power.
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Jun 22 - 23 2018


21:00 - 21:00
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