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OAS to Host Second Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas Public Discussion Forum
The public discussion forum will enable a frank debate on effective ways to effectively drive energy and climate actions taking place at national and regional levels. Read More

United States and OAS Host Policy Forum on Sustainable Energy and Transport Solutions in the Americas at 7th World Urban Forum in Medellín, Colombia
Two non-governmental organization grantees from Costa Rica and Guatemala from the U.S.-funded Sustainable Communities in Central America and the Caribbean Project, and two EPA Climate Showcase Communities Program grantees from Central New York State and Salt Lake City, Utah, gave joint presentations highlighting innovative clean energy and transport solutions from their communities. Read More

Ecocitizen World Map Project to Launch at World Urban Forum in Medellín
International collaboration delivers tools for sustainable urban development and links community crowdsourced information to national, regional, and global data sets. Read More

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ECPA Fellows Initiative Renewed!
March 14, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the Department of State has awarded Partners of the Americas a second round of funding for the Senior ECPA Fellows Initiative. This next ... Read More

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Leaders of the Western Hemisphere recognize that clean energy is fundamental to the Western Hemisphere’s sustainable development and the prosperity of our citizens, and they are committed to expanding cooperation to address the intertwined challenges of energy security and climate change. To strengthen Inter-American collaboration on these issues, U.S. President Obama invited all countries of the Western Hemisphere to join in an Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA). ECPA is comprised of initiatives that focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy poverty, infrastructure, cleaner and more efficient use of fossil fuels, sustainable forests and land use, and climate change adaptation. Read More

The Department of Sustainable Development (DSD) of the  Executive Secretariat of Integral Development (SEDI) of the Organization of American States (OAS) operates the ECPA Clearinghouse, established for the purpose of coordinating,  established for the purpose of coordinating the Partnership’s activities and outreach.