Cleaner Fossil Fuels

Promoting cleaner fossil fuel alternatives

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Electric Mobility

Promoting the development of clean transport solutions

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Energy Efficiency

Promoting best practices to reduce energy use in all sectors of the economy

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Accelerating energy markets to promote new business ventures

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Renewable Energy

Accelerating the development and use of clean renewable energy alternatives

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Energy and Environment

Harmonizing standards and measurements

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Sustainability Still on the Radar for Aviation

For the past decade, before Covid-19 brought aviation to a near standstill, growth in air travel had been soaring, bringing with it a rise in CO2 emissions. The industry was taking steps to become more efficient and reduce its carbon footprint, and a landmark carbon offset plan was established for international air travel. Although today’s economic turbulence has led to an adjustment of that plan, the industry is still on a trajectory to become more sustainable, according to one veteran aviation expert. Read more

Charging Ahead with EVs

The road trip is a classic theme in U.S. popular culture and a staple of the summer vacation—a chance to recharge the batteries. For owners of electric vehicles (EVs), that’s not just a metaphor. Far from their usual home or work plug-in sites, they consult apps and map out routes that will get them to the next charging station down the road. The fear of running out of charge—range anxiety—has always been a barrier to EV adoption, especially in a country as big as the United States. But as longer-range electric vehicles come on the market and the charging infrastructure ramps up, that may be starting to change. Read more

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Department of Sustainable Development (DSD) of the Executive Secretariat for Integral Development (SEDI) of the Organization of American States (OAS) operates the ECPA Technical Coordination Unit, established for the purpose of coordinating the Partnership's activities and outreach.

Thematic Areas

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Recent News

Expanding Synergy on Energy

The region’s energy future rests on investment and innovation from the private sector—along with smart policies and regulations from governments....

Chile Goes for Green Hydrogen

As countries around the world scramble to lower their carbon emissions, many are looking to green hydrogen—in other words, hydrogen...

ECPA Public-Private Sector Dialogues

Three closed door 75-minute discussion sessions featured each month on Mondays at 10:00a.m. (EDT), with energy officials from the hemisphere...

Upcoming Events

Public-Private Dialogues: Virtual Meetings, September - November 2020

ECPA and the Americas Business Dialogue (ABD) will convene a series of virtual public-private sector dialogues focused on grid flexibility,...

Analysis and technologies for resilient power systems

As power systems increase their penetration of renewable generation, the need of balancing intermittency becomes critical. A proper identification of...

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