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Heavy Oil Working Group - Canada


Related Events

  •  Fourth Meeting of the Heavy Oil Working Group - September 22nd, 2015. See event, here
  • Third Meeting of the Heavy Oil Working Group - April 19th, 2012
    Event Information, Presentations, and Photos
  • Second Meeting of the Heavy Oil Working Group - August 1st, 2011
    Ross Chow - The Relationship Between Technology and Policy, some Examples from the Oil Sands of Alberta view
    Robert Johnston - Eurasia Group Energy Outlook view
    Marcela Arteaga Cardona - Alternate Steam Injection Pilot Testing view (Spanish)
    C. Fairbridge - Heavy Oil Upgrading From Mine to Motor view
    Edgar Rangel Germán - Supporting technology development: The role of the public sector in Mexico view
    William Flórez Villamizar - Strategy and Relationship Among Universities offering Hydrocarbon Programs, and the Production and Public Sectors in Colombia view (Spanish)
    Jaime Jiménez Viacobo - CONACYT-SENER-Hydrocarbon Industry Fund view
  • First Meeting of the Heavy Oil Working Group - March 14, 2011

        Initiative Point of Contact

        Agustí Bordas-i-Cuscó 
        Senior Policy Advisor
        Energy Policy Branch - International Energy Division
        Natural Resources Canada