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Monday, 06 August, 2018

15% of Peru's energy matrix in 2030 to be generated from renewable sources

The Peruvian Government has pledged to ensure that 15% of the Inca country's energy matrix in 2030 will be generated using renewable sources, Energy and Mines Minister Francisco Ismodes said Monday.
"The Government is focused on increasing the participation of renewable energies in the energy matrix," he pointed out.
In the case of the recently opened Wayra wind farm —in southern Ica region— more than 100 megawatts will be generated with an investment of US$165 million, the official explained.
"This means a significant saving in CO2 emissions (carbon dioxide) during power generation," he remarked.

Informal mining

On the other hand, Ismodes assured the Government will help informal miners formalize their contribution to the economy.
"We'll provide technology for their safety and protection of the environment," the minister expressed.
In fact —he commented— not long ago more than 1,000 miners obtained titles in southern Puno region. 

Source: Andina

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