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ECPA Ministerial Meeting: Overview of Preparatory Process

Looking ahead to a second ministerial-level meeting—the first was held in Washington, in 2010—of the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA), held Merida, Mexico in 2015, prior to this ministerial each sub-region held preparatory meetings to evaluate progress on projects and initiatives and discussed how this hemisphere-wide effort could be strengthened. These preparatory meetings have also laid the groundwork for a Plan of Action for ECPA, which would define the next steps forward on the region’s energy and climate change agenda. The Second ECPA Meeting of Ministers provided an opportunity for countries throughout the Americas to discuss their priorities related to energy and climate change, and structure a stronger partnership to address these issues.

First Preparatory Meeting, North America: Quintana Roo-Mexico, May 19-20, 2014

Second Preparatory Meeting, Caribbean: Miami-USA, October 6, 2014

Third Preparatory Meeting, South America: Montevideo-Uruguay, October 28, 2014

Fourth Preparatory Meeting, Central America: Guatemala City, November 5, 2014

II ECPA Ministerial Meeting

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