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The first Energy and Climate Ministerial of the Americas was held in Washington, DC, United States, in April 2010.  This two-day gathering of energy ministers from the countries of the Americas was key to establishing the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA), announced by the U.S government during the Fifth Summit of the Americas held Trinidad and Tobago in 2009. 

The city of Merida, in Mexico, hosted the second ministerial meeting, which took place in May 2015. This event brought together energy ministers and other national authorities who jointly agreed to design a more dynamic work plan with concrete actions to advance Western Hemisphere leadership in energy and climate change issues. This meeting set the basis for a two-year work plan and the establishment of a Steering Committee as the governance structure for the Partnership.

These meetings have also laid the groundwork for an Action Plan for ECPA, which will shape the next steps for the region’s energy and climate change agenda. 

Preparatory Process

Looking forward to the third ECPA ministerial, two regional meetings will be held in preparation for the Ministerial gathering in Chile on 2017.

The background offered by the II Ministerial Meeting convened in Mexico serves as a basis to host the preparatory meetings. Each meeting will address specific energy and climate topics and assess progress to formulate regional positions on themes of common interest with a view to consolidate the Partnership’s structure.  These meetings will also serve to take stock of progress on projects and initiatives and discuss ways to strengthen this hemispheric effort. 

First Preparatory Meeting: Miami, Florida, October 20, 2016


To launch the preparatory process towards the Third Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas (ECPA) ministerial meeting, geared toward energy transformation in the Americas.

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  • Presentations:
  1. Steering Committee Vice-Chair: Erika Streu, Director for Latin america and the Caribbean, International Affairs General Directorate, National Energy Secretariat. See presentation, here.
  2. Steering Committee Chair: Maria Cristina Silva, Professional, International Department, Ministry of Energy. See presentation, here.
  3. Technical Coordination Unit: Juan Cruz Monticelli, Senior Energy Specialist, Department of Sustainable Development, Organization of American States. See presentation, here
  4. Clean Energy Solutions Center: Jessica McDonald, U.S Department of Energy Fellow. See presentation, here


Second Preparatory Meeting: Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, April 20, 2017


To follow up on the exchanges regarding national and Regional sustainable energy priorities initiated at the First Regional Meeting, to encourage public-private partnerships for the advancement of sustainable energy, and to identify potential areas of action and deliverables to be presented at the Ministerial Meeting.

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  • Presentation:
  1. Technical Coordination Unit: Juan Cruz Monticelli, Senior Energy Specialist, Department of Sustainable Development, Organization of American States. See presentation, here