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ECPA Initiative-Solar Professionals' Academy of the Americas shares its results in a video (Spanish).

The renewable energy market in Latin America is taking off, aided by shrinking costs for photovoltaic and new government programs that facilitate business. The Latin American region holds great promise for solar, due to relatively high costs for electricity and ample sunlight, and a fast-expanding middle class that is increasing its energy consumption.

ECPA's initiatives focus on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Cleaner and More Efficient Use of Fossil Fuels, Energy Infrastructure, Energy Poverty, Sustainable Forests and Land Use, and Adaptation. Under ECPA, the lead and/or participating governments and public and private sector partners contribute resources to implement the initiatives.

Through the ECPA Solar Energy International trained a workforce and enable them to increase universal access to electricity through renewable energy development. The Solar Professionals' Academy of the Americas (SPAA) trained 50 people representing countries, communities, and organizations throughout Central America and Mexico to design, install, and maintain solar PV systems and to successfully launch and administer businesses in this critically important industry.

For more information about the APSA program contact Matthew Harris, SPAA Director.  

Follow the actions of the workshop!

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