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Waste to Clean Energy: Advances in Electricity Generation from Biogas Project

As part of the Electricity Generation from Biogas project, financed by ECPA (Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas), the technical team of SNV and project partner VIOGAZ, held a workshop to evaluate the project results in Tegucigalpa after finishing the installation of the electricity generation plants in ARUCO and COCAFELOL[1] coffee cooperatives.

The team evaluated the installation process and the plants´ operation, identifying the challenges, bottle necks and the results achieved so far. These systems are generating electricity from biogas produced from coffee processing waste byproducts. In this way, SNV and VIOGAZ are supporting ARUCO and COCAFELOL in improving their management of contaminating waste, reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and reducing their energy costs.  

The evaluation helped to define the next steps to achieve successful results from the plants. SNV and VIOGAZ are supporting this process through technical assistance and trainings along with maintenance and operation manuals for the plants.

The project team is now focusing its efforts on an intensive stage of perfecting the operation of the plants and collecting data on their performance to evaluate and demonstrate the environmental and economic impact. These data points will serve as input for technical and economic study that the project is developing and will be disseminating in the upcoming months.

 For more information about this project, please contact Rubén Gallozzi or Osmer Ponce.

 This article was published by SNV Costa Rica, here

[1] COCAFELOL:  Cooperativa Cafetalera La Labor Ocotepeque Limitada

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